Solus offers free facility audits and will make appropriate recommendations based on final audit results. The comprehensive audit will show energy to energy savings over the life span of your project and additionally show your energy plus maintenance savings. Each audit quantifies your payback period and overall IRR. If your facility is looking to become LEED certified, lighting efficiencies through LED lamps is the fastest way to jump start this point process.

If necessary, Solus also can provide photometric lighting layouts in order to depict the optimal location for each LED light.

Completed facility audits by Solus will summarize the following information:

    Savings Recap

  • Annual Energy Savings from kWh reduction
  • Annual Maintenance and HVAC savings
  • Total Annual Savings with LEDs
  • Estimated Rebate from your Local Utility Provider
  • Estimated EPAct Tax Deduction
  • Total First Year Savings
  • Total Savings over LED life with EPact and Rebate
  • Total Cost to Retrofit with LED
  • Total Net Savings over LED life

    Environmental Benefits

  • Current Annual kWh Usage
  • Proposed Annual kWh Usage
  • Annual CO2 Reduction
  • Annual CO2 Reduction (lbs)
  • Annual Car Removal Equivalent
  • Annual Tree Planting Equivalent (acres of trees)

Seesmart Self-Audit Lighting Calculator

As operating costs continue to rise, Seesmart wants to help you understand why controlling your lighting costs is critical to managing your overhead. To provide you with a better understanding of your current lighting consumption, below is a simple self-audit calculator for your reference.

# Bulbs
Wattage Hours/Day
# Bulbs Wattage Hours/Day
# Bulbs Wattage Hours/Day
# Bulbs Wattage Hours/Day
# Bulbs Wattage Hours/Day
# Bulbs Wattage Hours/Day
Electricity Rate
Days/Week Used

Your estimated cost on electricity for lighting is /year.*